Here at Blue Peanut we do things differently...

We are a group of NHS doctors who teach students from Lancaster, Manchester and UCLAN medical schools.  We teach our day courses in small classroom sizes in a friendly and supportive environment. We have online courses if you cannot make it to our day course. 

UCAT Classroom Courses

Taught by doctors in small classrooms. We include 1000+ testing questions. Workbooks. 99% Satisfaction Rates. Trusted by top Grammar Schools. Teaching UK Wide in central locations.
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Medical School Interview Course

Success Rate - 98.2%

Taught by fully qualified doctors who teach at medical schools. We have record numbers of students with 3 or 4 offers. Students have offers reduced due to exceptional interview performance. Learn from the UK's top provider.
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Who should you choose Blue Peanut?

  • Learn from NHS doctors

    Our courses are written and delivered by fully qualified doctors familiar with helping students that struggle. Don't be afraid to put your hand up for help!

  • Over 99% positive feedback

    Parents, teachers and students trust us to make medical school applications succeed. Book with confidence.

  • Support and Pastoral Care

    Our day courses come with e-mail and telephone support for all our students right up to interview day. Online courses have e-mail support.

  • Trusted by top UK Grammar Schools

    We are privileged to have been chosen to train medical, dental and veterinary medicine sixth form university applicants at top sixth form schools.

  • We are open and transparent

    We have posted videos and photos of our classroom courses in action. We are open and transparent in what we offer - as it should be.

  • Cutting edge training

    Our research team is totally in house. We constantly review and update our materials so our students have cutting edge training.

Don't take our word for it!

See what parents and students say about our courses

Blue Peanut Student 2019 Entry

Our Students Get Better Offers

Blue Peanut Student 2019 Entry

Your performance at interview was exceptional - well done!. We wants students like you to come to our medical school. We are therefore happy to reduce our offer of AAA to AAB should you decide to make (this) University your firm choice.
Blue Peanut Student 2019 Entry

Parent and Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon

Blue Peanut Student 2019 Entry

As an Orthopaedic Consultant working in the NHS I thought that I was in the best possible position to know how to get into medical school. I was wrong. Blue Peanut understand what is required and the style of questions that all prospective medical students will face. They can prepare you for the big day and actually give you the edge to succeed.