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  • Based on our research, we cover over 90% of the curriculum used in UK medical school interviews. We cover Scottish, Welsh, N Ireland, English, Oxbridge and private medical schools. MMI and Traditional.

  • We update the course regularly through the term as medical schools update their assessments. 

  • Our doctors teach medical students from UCLAN, Manchester and Lancaster medical schools

  • We could sit on the medical school interviews panels in which we teach but this is a conflict of interest. It is not fair for us to teach you and then interview you.

  • We cover over 40 topics, based on our own research as medical school tutors and feedback from thousands of students over the years.

  • We include example MMI circuit stations throughout the course for you to practice. We include videos of students undertaking live interviews and feedback. 

  • Feedback has been positive from all our students as well as teachers and parents with satisfaction rates of over 99%.

  • Last year (2019 entry) was our best cohort yet. A record 98.2% of students reported offers. Record numbers of students with 3 or 4 offers. Students having offers reduced from AAA to AAB because they did so well at interview.


Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to the Medical School Interview Course

    • A message from Dr Mannan and Dr Khan - your tutors for this course

    • Before you go - give us some feedback

    • Next steps and how to contact us

  • 2

    Motivation for Medicine

    • How medical schools assess your motivation

  • 3

    Motivation for Medicine - MMI Stations

    • Practice MMI Stations

  • 4

    Teaching Methods at Medical School - Problem Based Learning

    • What you need to know about PBL

  • 5

    Teaching Methods at Medical School - Case Based Learning

    • What do you need to know about CBL and which medical schools use this

  • 6

    Teaching Methods at Medical School - Traditional Course

    • Learn about traditional courses and what you need to know

  • 7

    Teaching Methods at Medical School - "Hybrid" Courses

    • Discussion about courses that do not fit into any one category

  • 8

    Teaching Methods at Medical School - MMI Stations

    • EXAM Time - MMI Stations that medical schools have used

  • 9

    Specific Medical School Questions

    • How to answer questions related to a particular medical school

  • 10

    Specific Medical School Questions - MMI Stations

    • EXAM Time - MMI Stations practice

  • 11

    Dentistry Applicants - MMI Stations

    • Stations that have been used in dental interviews

  • 12

    Veterinary Medicine Applicants - MMI Stations

    • MMI Interview Stations for future Vets

  • 13

    Review of Work Experience

    • How medical schools can assess your work experience

  • 14

    Review of Work Experience - MMI Stations

    • EXAM Time - MMI Stations that medical schools can use

  • 15

    Review of your Personal Statement

    • How medical schools can use your personal statement in MMI Stations

  • 16

    Review of your Personal Statement - MMI Stations

    • MMI Stations relating to personal statements

  • 17

    Qualities of a Doctor

    • How do medical schools assess GMC Qualities of a doctor?

  • 18

    Qualities of a Doctor - MMI Stations

    • How medical schools can assess your leadership and team working abilities

  • 19

    Leadership and Team Working


  • 20

    Leadership and Team Working - MMI Stations

    • EXAM Time - Team working MMI Station Practice

  • 21

    Group Exercise - Part 1

    • What is involved in a group exercise - we give you some examples

  • 22

    Group Exercise - Assessment and Marking Scheme

    • A review of how medical schools mark a group exercise and how to get better marks

  • 23

    Practical Tasks - Part 1

    • How and why do medical schools assess your practical abilities

  • 24

    Practical Tasks - Part 2 - Numeracy MMI Station

    • MMI Station practice

  • 25

    Data Interpretation

    • How can medical schools assess your data interpretation skills

  • 26

    Data Interpretation - MMI Station

    • MMI Stations

  • 27

    Current NHS hot topics

    • Lets look at current hot topics

  • 28

    NHS hot topics - MMI Stations

    • MMI Station practice relating to hot topics

  • 29

    Ethical Principles

    • An overview of basic ethical principles and how you can use them in your answers

  • 30

    Ethical Principles - MMI Stations

    • Practice some MMI stations bases on ethics

  • 31

    Capacity, Consent and Confidentiality

    • What you need to know and how medical schools assess these areas

  • 32

    Capacity, Consent and Confidentiality - MMI Stations

    • MMI Station Practice

  • 33

    Conflict of Interest & MMI Stations

    • How to approach and recognise when there is a conflict of interest

  • 34

    Duty of Candour - Admitting mistakes and putting them right

    • We discuss the GMC Duty of Candour and how medical schools assess this

  • 35

    Duty of Candour - MMI Station

    • Practice MMI Stations

  • 36

    Breaking Bad News

    • A look at how you can approach stations where you need to break bad news

  • 37

    Consultation Critique

    • We look at how medical schools can assess this area

  • 38

    Consultation Critique - MMI Station

    • Example MMI Stations for you to practice

  • 39

    Communication Skills Stations

    • How medical schools can assess your verbal and communication skills

  • 40

    Communication Skills Stations - MMI Stations

    • Example MMI Stations

  • 41

    The other 10% of Stations

    • We discuss the stations that you cannot easily prepare for

  • 42

    Full MMI Circuits - Introduction and Instructions

    • An introduction to Blue Peanut's MMI Circuits

  • 43

    Full MMI Circuit A

    • A full MMI Circuit for you to practice

  • 44

    Feedback from tutors from our live day course MMI Circuits

    • We go through how students have preformed on our day course MMI circuits

  • 45

    We answer your questions here

    • A summary of responses to questions students have asked us